What You Can Do When Your Kitchen Sink is Clogged

A kitchen is an integral part of your home. This particular area of your house provides ample room for you to prepare your meals without the fear of disturbing anyone. That’s why maintaining your kitchen at its best condition is very crucial to the overall integrity of a house. Otherwise, you would have a hard time feeding your family if there is something wrong with your kitchen. One of the many problems you might encounter in your kitchen is a clogged sink. Rather than spend your precious time and money on hiring a plumber, it would do you well to know how to solve this predicament on your own. Don’t worry because this task is simple enough to accomplish.

Gather the Necessary Tools

First and foremost, you would need to the proper tools to remove anything that’s clogging your kitchen sink. You would need a plunger, clamp, wrench, a drain snake, and a pair of pliers to effectively remove any kind of clog in your kitchen sink. At the same time, don’t forget your protective gloves as well. Anything inside your kitchen’s drainage system is sure to be dirty and exposing your bare skin to them can be really harmful. Do yourselves a favor and don’t allow that to happen by getting a pair of gloves.

Get Rid of Any Clogging Materials Using a Plunger

After you have obtained the required tools, get the plunger first. Hold it with a firm grip and place the other end on your kitchen sink’s hole. Do remember to place the plunger using a 90-degree angle and push it down gently at first. Exert a little effort as you gradually push down on the aforementioned hole. The plunger will remove some of the food waste or trash that’s stuck in your kitchen’s sink and make this job a whole lot easier. Keep in mind to have a waste container nearby so you can place the waste inside it right away.

Eliminate All Traces of Dirt in the P-Trap

Even after using a plunger, there will still be a lot of waste left in your kitchen sink. To remedy that problem, you will need to disassemble the P-Trap under your sink. Basically, this pipe resembles the letter J and transmits all waste from your sink to your house’s drainage system. For starters, place a basic underneath this kitchen plumbing fixture to catch all waste when you disassemble it. Loosen the slip nut that’s holding the P-Trap in place with the help of a wrench. Once you have loosened the P-Trap, take it out and clean all the waste you see with soap and water. You might need a powerful detergent because there will be grease in it.

Clear the Remaining Clogging Materials in the Kitchen Drain Pipes

Along with your sink and P-Trap, your kitchen’s drain pipes can also contain waste in them. If you have done the previous steps, you might need to clean these drain pipes as well. Better get the drain snake and insert it into your drain pipes. Continue inserting this plumbing tool until it hits an obstruction. Once it does, crank the drain snake until its tip digs into the clog. You will be able to pull the material that’s clogging your pipes and clear your drainage once again.

Remember, if the job looks a little bit daunting, don’t be shy about hire a professional plumber.

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