Getting Started

Hanging wallpaper yourself is a project but with the right attitude it can be fun, but you have to be careful. The first thing to do is pick out the paper. There are sample books in the stores that won’t quit. Sometimes I think picking out the paper is the hardest part of the job. Get yourself a kit of tools if you want to do the job without pain. Most stores will have such a kit and some tools to supplement the kit. Let the store personnel advise you. If you don’t have the tools you need, the job will be more difficult.

Removing the Old

If there is already paper on the wall, you should remove it. Sometimes you can paper over it if it’s in great condition but I’ve found those situations rare. And why would you want to take the chance? There are several ways to do it. Use a spray bottle of vinegar and water or commercially available removers. But before spraying, it’s a good idea to remove the outlet and switch covers and turn off the circuit breaker. Then use a puncture tool which will make holes in the paper without damaging the wall behind it. Spray the old paper well and the old paste gets very wet. Wait fifteen or twenty minutes and use a scraper to get the paper off. This is the worst part about papering, – removal. Re-spray if you have to. After removing the paper, wash the wall down thoroughly. Plaster any bumpy spots and make the wall as smooth as possible.

Paint the Ceiling First

Take this tip. If you plan to paint the ceiling, do it before papering. You don’t want paint dripping onto freshly hung paper.

How Much Do You Need

The next step, although you probably would have done this first is to measure and estimate how much paper you need. You don’t want to add paper later. It may not come from the same printing batch and be just different enough to drive you crazy. The best thing to do is measure your walls and take the measurements to the place you’re buying the paper. They’ll be able to give you a proper estimate of how many rolls you need. Get a sample to put on your wall to see how it looks. Also, depending on the pattern, you need a sample to plan how the edges should match up.

Enjoy it

Finally, take your time and enjoy it. It can be a fun project for a family. And if you have any questions, the store personnel will be happy to advise you. They love do-it-yourselfers. If they can make it easy for you, they’ve got you as a customer.

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