Essential Tech Devices to have in Your Home

cctv camera held by a guy

In an era where technology is developing and expanding, new, useful, intimidating, and impressive gadgets are showering malls and even online marketplaces. Smart minds of current digital or technology company owners and inventors provide us high technological gadgets for any aspect of our lives. And more innovative ideas are to come since more discoveries are found that could contribute to the technological world. It also seems that there is no stop from technology to enhance and sprout since technology is part of our lives. Many gadgets are created to make our lives easier. So let us make our home a smart home by purchasing these essential tech devices you should have in your home

A smart air conditioning system

Smart air conditioning systems are wireless or have wifi. Let’s say in a hot weather where you’re out doing the groceries or running some errands and are about to go home to watch some movies and relax, but knowing you still have to turn your air-con on and wait for the room to cool. With smart air conditioning system, before going home you can turn the air-con on using your smartphone and wifi so when you get home, the room is ready to cool you up and have you relaxed.

Light dimmer

You can control the brightness of your light anywhere in your home using a light dimmer. If you want to sleep with a little bit of light you can adjust the light of your room to your desired brightness.

Motorised window blinds

All of us seem to be lazy when getting up early in the morning when the sun greets us. With this smart window blinds, you would not be forced to get out of bed and turn your blinds up to see the sun. In just a tap of your finger to the blinds’ remote the sun will automatically shine at you and force you to get you out off the bed. Or if you just want to save time or very sleepy and don’t have the time and effort to roll down your blinds, having this smart blinds will leave you satisfied.

Motion sensor trash bins

With just a swift of your hand, the lid would open and you could throw your trash touch-free, unlike other normal trash bins, you sometimes accidentally touch the bin which contains a lot of germs and bacteria.

Smart CCTV system

We should have CCTV cameras so we could have safety surveillance on our homes. If a burglar or a crime has been committed in our home we could easily have proof and data because of our CCTV cameras. But don’t just purchase any CCTV camera, purchase a smart CCTV system. Smart CCTV system has wireless features wherein you can view the surveillance of your camera through your smartphone online and live.

Shower control

This device is to control the temperature and the intensity of your shower. Some may also include a music system so you could sing while showering.

Smart doorbells

This doorbell does not only give you a ring if someone is there, it also has a built-in camera and mic so you could see who is there and you could communicate with them.

Smart social robots

This robot can be your assistant and your best friend at the same time. Smart robots can tell you the news of today, the date, the weather, the time, and many other pieces of information you want. What makes them social is that you could communicate with them too, they can play music for you, capture a photo or video of you or your home and others can also dance and tell jokes adding positive energy for your home.

At the end of the day, call a computer consultant or a computer networking services company to help you install any of these.

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