I was talking yesterday to the guy who designed my website, and he was telling me how out of date the site is.  I get it.  I’m a hands on guy, but not a keyboard.  I like to use my hands to cut 2×4’s and to drill holes, but not to spend an inordinate amount of time on the computer (I dictate this stuff to my wife who posts it on my blog for me.).  Anyway, so he was going on and on about programming languages, HTML, and ecommerce and and all that.  Then he mentioned Ruby on Rails and more specifically a site called GitHub – which I guess is a place where all these web designer guys hang out and share their work with each other. I guess this Ruby thing has a lot of potential to make a site that can do a lot of stuff – like sell things, or offer programs to my clients (maybe a design program so they can visualize a new kitchen perhaps?) and he was trying to sell me on it.

The downside is that designing a site using this platform will give me more flexibility later, but HOO is it more expensive! My question is if anyone has had any experience with a Ruby Rails website.  I guess it would be worth the extra development expense if it gives me a lot of flexibility later as my business grows  – then, apparently, I can offer all sorts of other goodies on the site that I would not be able to offer if I had a more basic site.  I could, conceivably have a software program designed that does something useful and charge a monthly fee.  Then if i get enough people signing up, it will be more money coming in every month. Just have to figure out something really useful!


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